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Utility Ware

All prices are for BISQUE, UN-Painted.
Finished Price:
2 1/2 times bisque price unless otherwise specified.

Some basic "Stock" designs can be seen here and on the Sample Page, some shown on these pages are "Custom" pieces.
Custom Design ask for quote, there are so many ways to create a very unique piece I cannot possibly show them all here.

For pricing please go to my MAD Ceramics website
and find the item & mold # in the Housewares section

Please Note: I do not do production line work. Each piece is individually Hand Painted.

Bowls & Casseroles 

Deep BowlC1474
Bowl, deep 9 3/4"
Crock bowls straight sides
Crock Bowls Straight sides with rim
Coloramics C2573 (middle)
6 1/2"x 3"
Coloramics C2572 (right)
Coloramics C2571 (left)
9"x5 1/4"
Crock bowls flared sidesCrock Bowls Flared sides with rim

DM 1623 (left)
8"x 4"

DM 1622 (right)
10"x 4"
side view Salad Bowl 
Bowl, salad 8"
Falt bowl Side View 
Flat Bowl top view paintedDM1060
Bowl, flat 11 3/4"
Side & top views
Low Crock Bowl top
Top above, bottom below
Low Crock Bowl bottom
Ceramichrome C2570
Low Deep Crock serving bowl/Pie dish
9"x1 3/4"
Wide Crock serving dishCeramichrome C2569
Wide Crock serving bowl
11"x2 1/2"
Fluted Bowl small
Compote Fluted 
8 1/2"x4"
Fluted Bowl Large
Compote Fluted
Fluted bowl Oval
No #
Fluted Oval
Spaghetti casseroleDH280
Casserole Spaghetti dish
Individual CasseroleDM154A
individual size
6"x4"x 3 1/2"
CasserolesDH237 & DH235
2 1/2 & 3 1/2 Qt Casseroles
Casseroles are the same except for size.
CasseroleArnel 341
Round Casserole


Scalloped edge CanistersDuncan DM 1234-1240
set of 4

Hexagon Canisters
Creek Turn 1104 A-D
set of 4
Canisters Ridge at top
Doc Holiday 418-21
Crockery look
set of 4
Basket weave Canisters with inserts
Showing plain insert painted with birds. Many other inserts are available
set of 4
Weaver Canisters
Weaver 100, 160-162
set of 4

Paneled edge Canisters
Gator 334-337
Flower handles/ridged top
set of 4

DM 1328
9" oval Vase
works well as a utensil holder
Butter Churn cookie jar
Leon 12 & Gare46-7
Butter Churn Cookie Jar
Future Greas Pot
Future 364
3 piece Grease Pots
Scioto Grease Pot
Scioto S-283:.

Plates, Platters & Trays

10" Plate painted
Plate 10 1/4"

Square rounded corner plate painted
DM 2165
11" Square Geometric Plate
 14" Platter painted
WH no#
Plate 14"

Rimmed Plate
DM775 10" Dinner 
DM776 8" Luncheon
Plates are the same except for size.
Snowman Plate
Square Plate 10"

B&C284 Square Dish 7"
same as above except for size.
Petal Edge Plate
Gare 3245
11" Petal edged Plate

Etra Large Square Platter
Gare 2986
14" Square Platter

Square/Round PlateDM956
Square Corner/Round center Plate  12"

Lg Stoneware look Plate
DM1502  12"

 DM1140 10"

Stoneware look" Plates
Plate has ridges as if it had been thrown on a potters wheel.

Add a base (see next) for Cake Plate
Cake Plate base 
Base for Cake Plates 
2 1/2" x 4 1/2" $5.00
Shown 12" Stoneware look Plate

Petal edged Cake Plate
Petal Edged Plate
(shown on a stand)

Oval Platter scalloped edges
Weaver 108A
Platter scalloped edges 
14" x 10
Platter sqared off cornersWeaver 1
squared off corners 
15" x 11 1/2"

Large Platter/Handles
Platter with handles

Tray with Fjiord painted on it
Cross Country 501E
Rope edge Tray
6 1/2"x9"

Sandwich Plate & Tray
Sandwich Plate top

DM 2166
Geometrix Tray bottom
10"x5 1/2"

Holland 3004
Tray with Handles/holes
12"x8" (shallow) shown

Holland 3005
14"x8 1/2" (deep)

Tray rectangular
Designer Tray/Handles
13 1/2"x 8"

Tray Greasepot & Bowl cowboy design
Scioto  S-3268
Rectangle Tray

also shown: Scioto S283
Grease Pot

DM 1060
Flat Bowl

Christmas Tree DishChristmas dish
Tree Dish


Bottles, Jars, Pitchers & Vases

4 sided BottleBottle
B&C353 & 119

B&C120 & 119
Bottle fat bottom

Pitcher TallPitcher Tall
Byron B40
Tall pitcher/fat bottom

Pumpkin shaped PitchersWhite Horse1317
Pumpkin shaped Pitcher

Horsehead pitcher
Horse Head Pitcher
10" tall

featured in Fired Arts & Crafts Magazine, February 2012
Jar with Bubble Technique
Ludwig Smit 463
Runniing Horse Jar
B & C 94 + C-24 (lid)
14" Ginger Jar

4 sided Vase
John's J112
11 1/2"  4 sided vase

This piece won the "Colors For Earth" Brushstroke award 6/2012
Short Fat Pot
Southwest Vase
Ceramichrome C1777
10" Short Fat Pot

Southwest Vase featured in Fired Arts & Crafts Magazine, May 2012
Designer & Italian Vases
Mayco MC159
10" Vase (left)

8" Italian Vase/handles (right)
Driving Vases
R 511
Bud Vase Pitcher with Handle

Hurricane Vase (BI 693)
3 3/4"x9 1/4"
 Bud Vases
(2) 6" Bud Vases

Middle C127
7" Bud Vase

Right DM 80A
6" Vase

Holland 951
 (has flowers on it)
Holland 950
(plain no design)

2 vases
14" Oriental Vase (left)

12" Designer Vase (right)

Planters, Pillow Vases & Pots

Pillow Vases
DM 1162 (left)
4" Pillow Vase

GP 412
3 Small pillow vases
2 3/4"  3 1/2" & 4 1/2"

Cloth look & African Violet Pots
No #
Cloth look pot (Left)

African Violet pot (right)
Delta 5" pot
African Violet pot
Delta 124 3 1/2" pot
Basket Planters
DM 294e (left)
Wicker Basket

DM488A (small)
Bushel Basket
No # (Large)
Bushel Basket
Clay pots
DM355A (left)
Clay Pots
4 1/2"

Scioto 2423 & 3807

2 planters
Round Planter

B&C 401
Round Oval uneven top

Pillow VasesPillow Vases various sizes
Shown Left DM6D & Jones 610   11"

Shown right DM 1576
Rounder shape 11"

More plain Pillow Vase sizes:

DM 1328 Oval 

DM 125 6"

Gator 354 & GP 428 7"
Gator 375 9"

Round textured Vase
B&C 36
Round Textured Vase
6 1/2"

Round Vases
Round Vase (left)

Round Vase (right)

Casche Pot Planter
DM 2071
Cache Pot

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends

DM 253D & 234D
15" Tall Cylinder, Towel/Toilet paper holder. Choice of 2 lids

Fox Hunting Stien
DH 1147:
Fox Hunt Stein

Wine Cooler & BowlDM1500
Wine Cooler, Caddie or Vase 
10" tall

also shown Deep Bowl
Wine Cooler
Petal edged Wine Cooler, Caddie or Vase  
Large & Small Spoon restsScioto 284  
Spoon rest  
8" long

Lg Spoon rest

Dip Chillers
DH 2839 & 2841
2 piece Dip Chiller

Contemporary Baskets
Ceramichrome C2930
Contemporary Basket

Tea Set
R601 Teapot
 R600 Sugar & Creamer
2 cups (no handles)

Tea Pots
DH 522
Tea Pot

Bath Set
Mackey 479 & 474
Bath Caddy
(Soap dish Toothbrush holder & Cup)

Butter Tub
DM 590
Margarine Tub